assorted articles

The Wired Ocean: Marine scientists are building a vast underwater Internet that will connect them with the sea like never before.

The Chemical Ocean Acid Test:
In a remote Norwegian fjord, scientists are simulating the corrosive seas of the future.

The Moon Makes a Splash: Earth's celestial neighbor is all wet.

The Sounds of Science: How sonic energy shapes our lives.

The Carbon Trap: Are carbon markets saviors or scams?

The Paper Trail: Calculating DISCOVER's carbon footprint.

Toilet to Tap: Raise a glass of filtered sewage.

T-Rex Time Machine: 68-million-year-old protein fragments confirm that chickens really are dinosaurs.

Scientist of the Year Interview: Hans Rosling: The man who believes that data can save the world.

The Other Side of NASA: Our space agency's top Earth-based projects.

The Birth and Death of an Island: An undersea volcano gets its day in the sun.